NUSSU Secretariat

The NUSSU Secretariat is located at the 5th floor of the Yusof Ishak House. It is aimed to provide a conducive environment for students to gather and hold their meetings.

Mdm Noor Shilla, our full-time administrative officer, is the custodian of the NUSSU Secretariat. Feel free to approach her if you have any general enquiries and she will be happy to answer them for you. Our friendly clerical officer assists in administering issuance of any logistical equipment or keys after approval has been granted by the following directors:

  • Administrative Officer ( - Booking of Meeting Room 1, Meeting Room 2, or the Conference Room
  • Director of Logistics ( - Loan of equipment or the NUSSU Van
  • Director of Services ( - Booking of YIH facillities such as push carts, BBQ pits, or designated areas in the Student Lounge

For other YIH facilities, please book via OSA facilities section at