Student Lounge






Please read the following rules and regulations carefully before submitting the application. The NUSSU Student Lounge SOP can be downloaded here for viewing. For booking of YIH student lounge, please email your booking request to 

Upon submission, the applicant is deemed to have read, understood and accepted the rules & regulations in its entirety.

  1. Applicants must be the registered NUS students' societies or NUS Departments.
  2. The event should be beneficial for the majority of NUS students.
  3. Applications are to be approved by the NUS Students' Union Executive Committee (NUSSU Exco).
  4. Please be noted this is a request to book a venue within Student Lounge only. Confirmation must come from NUSSU Director of Services via email before the booking is approved.
  5. NUSSU has the right to reject any activity which is unsuitable to be hold in the Student Lounge.
  6. The booking application has to be submitted at least 3 to 5 working dates prior to the date of booking and a maximum of 2 months in advance. Late submission will result in late approval or rejection of the request.
  7. The opening hour for student lounge is from 8am until 12mn.
  8. All facilities are only available for bookings in hourly blocks and must begin on the hour or half-hour and end on the hour or half-hour (e.g. 10am-1pm or 2.30pm - 9.30pm).
  9. The facilities open for booking are Movie Screening area, Presentation Area, Games/Heritage Area and Outdoor Roof Top Area. For the booking for the YIH Conference Room, please send the request to For other YIH facilities, please book via OSA facilities section at
  10. The facility will be open up 15 minutes before the booking time only.
  11. No consumption of alcoholic drinks in the Student Lounge.
  12. No overnight staying in the student lounge.
  13. Smoking and gambling are strictly prohibited.
  14. The organisers must ensure that no member of the public is allowed admission. If outsiders are involved, the organizers must apply for a Public Entertainment Licence via or call 6835 0000.
  15. NUSSU reserves the right to impose penalties on the applicant if the facilities, equipment, and surface are found to be damaged or has flouted any of the above stated rules.
  16. In case of multiple bookings taking place on the same day, priority will be given to the earliest booking.
  17. The premises must be used only for the purpose approved. NUSSU EXCO reserves the right to inspect and cancel at any time, if the event be deemed as deviating from the stated purpose or which contravenes the stated rules.
  18. Any enquires or feedback can be sent to