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NUS Law Freshmen Orientation is a yearly event organised and executed by rising Year 2 seniors for the incoming freshmen of NUS Law. The objectives of Law Orientation are to forge strong bonds and friendships among the freshmen and to orientate the freshmen to the culture in NUS and NUS Law. Through orientation, we hope to provide an enriching experience so that freshmen will adopt a positive outlook towards school life.

Facebook page: http://facebook.com/NUSLawOrientation2017

Website: http://orientation2017.nuslawclub.com


Contact Persons:

Benedict Tedjopranoto (Mr.), Chairperson of Orientation Committee: focc.chairperson@nuslawclub.com

Sophia Rossman (Ms.), Secretary of Orientation Committee: focc.secretary@nuslawclub.com

Sean Lin (Mr.), Assistant Manager of Student Affairs: seanlin@nus.edu.sg