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Hello incoming Medicine Freshmen!

Medicine freshmen orientation is an opportunity for freshmen to forge lasting friendships and to be integrated into the medical community. It is the start of a lifelong journey. The NUS Medicine Freshman Orientation Projects includes 6 exciting events. Namely, Medicamp, Freshman Orientation Camp Community Involvement Project, Autism Experiential Day Camp, RAG, FLAG and Medicine Freshman Challenge.  Freshmen orientation should not only familiarise freshmen to the NUS campus but also instil a culture of benevolence and zeal among the freshmen so that they will be primed for the upcoming challenges in medical school. Freshmen orientation should also be an avenue for the freshmen to become acquainted with their seniors in an stress free environment, so that they are fully aware of the support they can rely on during rough patches they find difficult to handle alone.

Medicine FOC vision “More than a doctor” hopes to encourage fellow medical students to discover more about themselves- their personal identity, beliefs, values and passions that define who they are. Given the intensity of the medical curriculum and the demands of medical school, it can sometimes be challenging for medical students to recognise that there is more to them as unique individuals. We recognise that every student comes into NUS Medicine with their own unique dreams and aspirations, personal life experiences and values held close to heart. This shapes their identity. Hence, we hope to encourage individual expression and self-exploration at an age crucial in self-discovery. We hope that in such an environment, individuals will never feel afraid, restrained by a lack of support or shackled by societal judgements when considering a novel route to take.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

-C.S. Lewis

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You can also contact us at focc@medsoc.org.sg for FOP enquires or pr@medsoc.org.sg for general enquiries.