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Tembusu College

Tembusu College

Home of Possibilities 

Welcome to your new home for the next two years.

Every year, Tembusu College welcomes our freshmen with a Tembusu Orientation camp. If you are an incoming student to the college, join us by signing up at tiny.cc/tembusufoc2014

Please make sure you have already indicated your acceptance of residence at Tembusu College at the respective online portals, as we will only accept Tembusu students into the camp.

For more information, visit tembusucollege.wix.com/tembusufoc2014

Or like us on facebook.com/tembusufoc2014

Check out what sets us apart at the main college website: tembusu.nus.edu.sg 

Here, you can find more information on the University Town College Programme (UTCP) that is composed of 5 courses- Junior Seminar, Ideas & Exposition I and II, and two Senior Seminars. 
A selection of courses that are unique only to Tembusu also contribute towards fulfilling your university-level graduating requirements. 

Tembusu prides itself in possessing a myriad of channels for students to think beyond their immediate environment, to reflect on a global scale of events. 
Our rector, Professor Tommy Koh regularly organises the Tembusu forum, where a distinguished panelist will discuss and share their views on issues ranging from those that have wide-ranging effects (Will there be another Sino-Japanese war?) to those that are closer to our hearts (Has Singapore become a market society?).

Besides that, students have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with many distinguished guests from selected fields in the settings of Master’s Teas, Fellow’s Teas, and a recent addition: Student’s Teas. Some famous personnel invited include Hossan Leong, Shunji Matsuo, The Sam Willows, Edmund Cheng, Malminder Singh, Jim Rogers, and Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.

Our college has always been known for the proliferation of student-initiated, student-run events.

For the artsy fartsy performer in you, there is no shortage of Arts events such as Tembusu Arts Festival, The Abbey (music room) Opening, and Arts Interest Group Showcase. 
We are proud to say that we have a few up-and-coming homegrown bands such as Laundromats, Mammoth and The Elevated Pitch. 
Our vivid performing arts scene is managed by our very own Tembusu Performing Arts Council. Visit them at https://www.facebook.com/tembusupac?_rdr

For those who enjoy discussing topics with a sensitive nature in a mature, sensible way, Tembusu is the perfect place for you. 
Elephant-in-the-room sessions are regularly organised by the Debate Club, covering topics such as ‘Should heterosexuality be the only accepted lifestyle in Singapore?’ and ‘Is Islam a religion of peace?’

For the fun-loving side of you, check out Tembusu’s Lipdub video here. If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video must speak millions. In fact, we even have the people of Tembusu College starring in an old-school point-and-click game here.

Having a strong student government (College Students’ Committee) has also facilitated the birth of Utown-wide collaborations with USP, CAPT and Yale-NUS to bring forth events such as a Valentine’s Masquerade Ball, Halloween celebrations, and the yearly Inter-College Games.

There is something for everyone. If you think we missed out on something, feel free to come in and create it.

Anything is possible.

Looking forward to meeting you. Welcome to the family.