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Sheares Hall

The Orange Place

Sheares Hall is one of the most established Halls of Residence on campus. It has been always more than a hostel for undergraduates, and it continues to be a second home to many. At Sheares, strong bonds of friendship are forged that oftenlast a lifetime. Communal living is experienced in its truest sense, and the Sheares Hall family spirit is unique to the Hall.


Sheares Hall offers residents ample opportunities to develop their interests and talents in all areas. These include theatrical and musical performances, produced and performed entirely by residents, and the annual Rag & Flag Competition where the creativity, teamwork and ingenuity of residents are displayed in the building of the floats and the garnering of donations for a charitable cause.


Sheares Hall is an ideal place for residents to develop their potential in sports. Various friendly competitions enable residents to hone their skills and display their sports prowess. In addition to the camaraderie developed through these activities, social interaction is emphasized through activities such as Secret Pal Week, Friendship Week, outings and suppers. In all area activities, the residents of Sheares Hall strive to fulfill the Hall’s motto “Dare to Reach the Highest”! 


Visit our official website: http://www.sheares.nus.edu.sg/

Our Sheares Media facebook page for updates on various happenings! https://www.facebook.com/SHearesMedia

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