Rag and Flag

NUSSU Rag & Flag is an annual charity project featured prominently as part of the NUSSU freshmen orientation programme. Pioneered in 1957 as part of Welfare Week, the initiative has come a long way to be regarded as one of the University's most historic events in its annual calendar.

The first part of the project is Flag Day in which undergraduates from every NUS faculty are dispersed all over Singapore to collect donations from the general public. All donations received will go towards a total of 21 charities supported by the Community Chest.

During the second part, Rag (historically known as 'Receiving & Giving') Day, intricate floats and spectacular dance performances are put up by students for the NUS community and general public as an appreciation of their generous donations and support during Flag Day. A Rag & Flag carnival is also held alongside the Rag performances to provide an additional platform to raise funds and awareness of the various beneficiaries involved in NUSSU Rag & Flag.

Overall, NUSSU Rag & Flag seeks to continue the University's legacy of altruism and make significant contribution to the underprivileged in the wider society. 

Come join us and be a part of this meaningful and historic event in NUS! Make a difference to someone else's life today! :)


Date: 8th (Flag Day) & 12th (Rag Day) August 2017

Venue: University Town


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