39th Executive Committee

The role of an NUSSU Executive Committee (Exco) Representative has to be differentiated from the role of a Constituent Club Management Committee member. The NUSSU Exco Rep aims to serve the entire student community insofar as his/her portfolio in the Exco allows him/her to, without any prejudice or bias to any particular student organization. This neutrality particularly arises in moments of conflicts of interests between clubs, and the NUSSU Exco Rep is expected to take an impartial stand that will protect the interests of the majority of the students and the Union.


There is no pre-requisite to be an NUSSU Exco Rep, except that he/she must be elected from the Constituent Clubs, and upon election, he/she is required to perform and learn on the job leadership, management, communication, processes and procedures of the Union, and day to day execution of his/her portfolio. The extent of the above mentioned varies from positions to positions that will eventually be decided by the NUSSU Exco President and his Constitutional Positions.


The NUSSU Executive Committee is responsible for spear-heading and driving policy initiatives, proposals and projects under the jurisdiction of the Union. Some of the past initiatives and achievements include enhancements to academic policies (e.g. S/U Option), proposals for improvements to financial support frame-works and mechanisms for the less-fortunate students, collaborations with the University Administrators for the construction of sheltered walkways as well as many other policies.

It consists of six distinct cells with unique functionalities – Engagement and Relations, Welfare, Communications, Secretariat, Student Life as well as Finance. The various cells represent, manage and strengthen the core competencies of the Union for the betterment of student welfare and interests. The NUSSU Exco is presided over by the President with the assistance of the Vice President.


Constitutional Positions
LEE Zi Quan Jeffrey


LEE Boon Hui Desmond
Edwin TUNG Keng Wee

Welfare Secretary

NG Jun Ting Shirley

Financial Secretary

Brent SEAH

Communications Secretary

Ivan Fenzely YANG Shao Yi

Student Life Secretary


The Relations Cell has three key thrusts - building and strengthening relations with Union entities and other student groups, development and management of NUSSU volunteers, and reaching out to the NUS student body. The NUSSU Committees under its purview are the NUSSU Global Relations Unit (GRU) and NUSSU Public Relations Unit (PRU)..

CHONG Qian Yun

Director of Volunteer Development

XU Xiaoyun

Director of International Relations

LIEW Jin Hua

Director of Public Relations

Jacob LI PengCheng

Director of Relations

Terry ONG Choon Ann

Director of Global Relations


With enhancing welfare as one of the main constitutional objectives of the Union, the Welfare Cell tackles, resolves and proposes enhancements to academic, infrastructure, transport, food and dining, health and wellness as well as other issues. The NUSSU Committees under the supervision of the cell include NUSSU Welfare and NUSSU Students' Fund.

Hakeem B Zuhairi

Deputy Welfare Secretary

Estella CHEONG Wei Yi

Deputy Welfare Secretary

Benjamin LOO Qi En

Deputy Welfare Secretary

NG Ming Xuan

 Chairperson of NUSSU Students' Fund

YU Shibin

Deputy Welfare Secretary

KHOW Yong Zhi

Deputy Welfare Secretary


Chairperson of NUSSU Welfare


Previously known as the Publications Cell, the Communications Cell manages all communication platforms of the Union, including branding, publicity, publications as well as internal and public relations. The cell also provides the strategic direction for the two NUSSU committees – NUSSU The Ridge, and NUSSU Video and Photographic Committee (VPC).

HSU Wen Chi

Deputy Communications Secretary

CHAN Yong Qing

Deputy Communications Secretary

HONG Hoon Seock (John)

Deputy Communications Secretary

TAY Ying Hui

Deputy Communications Secretary

Samuel YIP Jing Han

Deputy Communications Secretary

TOH Wen Hui

Deputy Communications Secretary

SEAH Zi Quan

Creative Director

TAY Hwee Ling

Creative Director


Creative Director

Salomone D

Director of Video and Photography Committee (VPC)

Velda WONG Shu yi

Director of Publications


The Secretariat Cell ensures the smooth running of the Union by administering its logistics, facilities and services, meant for the undergraduate student population. The Secretariat Cell also ensures proper archival and maintenance of an information repository for the smooth functioning of the Union. The cell supervises NUSSU Committee for Information Technology (commIT).

Caitlin Celestine FERNANDEZ

Deputy General Secretary | Assistant Secretary 

TAN Zheng Jie Shaun

Deputy General Secretary | Director of Logistics

Amayniah TAN Zhuo Hui

Director of Services

LIM Si Min Charmaine

Assistant Secretary

NG Eng Chong

Director of IT

MOK Chooi Yan

Director of Services

LIM Wee Khim

Assistant Secretary


The Finance Cell manages the finances of the Union. The cell also overseas sponsorship, marketing, enterprise and business ventures to maintain the Union's financial sustainability. The NUSSU Committee that the Finance Cell is in charge of is the NUSSU BUsiness Committee (BIZCOM).

Ang Li Qing

Deputy Financial Secretary

Isabella Mariska LIEM

Deputy Financial Secretary


Deputy Financial Secretary

NG Wei Yang, Jonathan

Director of Marketing

TAN Pei Lin, Rena

Deputy Student Life Secretary


Deputy Student Life Secretary


Director of Special Projects