38th NUSSU Council

The National University of Singapore Students' Union (NUSSU) Council is the highest student legislative body in the NUS. The Council comprises of elected full-time undergraduate student representatives who are either members of the NUSSU Executive Committee (EXCO), student leaders holding leadership appointments from the 14 NUSSU Constituent Club Management Committees – 10 Faculty and 4 non-Faculty Clubs -, or 8 Associate Bodies - 6 Hall Junior Common Room Committees and 2 Residential College Student Committees. The Presidents of all Constituent Clubs and Associate Bodies are de-facto members of the NUSSU Council.

NUSSU Council meetings are open to all Union members and the Council frequently convenes to discuss and debate over policies, initiatives and projects to ensure that they are congruent with the Union’s constitutional objectives – to promote, uphold and safeguard students' interests and welfare.

Glen Anthony Ooi

Council Chairperson


NUSSU | President

Wong Xue Wen Laura

Arts and Social Sciences Club | President

Wei Yi Chen

Business Club | President

Benjamin Loo Qi En

Computing Club | President

Tan Yu Kiat

Design and Environment Club | President

Loh Jin Wei

Dental Club | President

Woon Yongsheng Jedd

Engineering Club | President

Yap Zhe You Ryo

Law Club | President

Ivan Low Jinrong

Medical Club | President

Ng Shi Yuan Brandon

Science Club | President

Cheah Wenjie

University Scholars Club | President

Tee Yan Yie

Cultural Activities Club | President

Stanrly Moo Jia Lir

Community Service Club | President

Loh Yi Chin

Political Association | President

Matthew Tan Hin Kai

Sports Club | President

Chng Wei Sheng

Eusoff Hall | President

Sarah Yeo Xin Hu

King Edward VII Hall | President

Kelvin Ng Zhao An

Kent Ridge Hall | President

Leonard Tan Yoong Aunn

Raffles Hall | President

Nithi Chindaraksawong

Sheares Hall | President

Najib Indra bin Abdul Majeed

Temasek Hall | President

Prashan Kunalan

Tembusu College | President

Lee Yen Ter

College of Alice & Peter Tan | President

Yip Hao Yang

Residential College 4 | President

Giles Ee Wei Sern

Ridge View Residential College | President

Sangeetha Krishnan

Arts and Social Sciences Club | Communications Secretary

Soh Wei Ren Alson

Arts and Social Sciences Club | Honorary General Secretary

Low Jia Li Cheryl

Business Club | Vice President (External)

See Xin Yu

Business Club | Vice President (Student Life)

Low Yong Cheng

Computing Club | Vice-President (Human Resource & Development)

SOH Wei Hao

Computing Club | Vice-President (Operations and Projects)

TAN Li Kiat Rebecca

Computing Club | Director of Publications

Quek Jia Xin, Bevin

Design and Environment Club | Vice President (Internal)

Sun Zi Cheng

Design and Environment Club | Vice President (External)

Tan Shao Tao

Design and Environment Club | Honorary Financial Secretary

Teo Yong Shun

Engineering Club | Honorary General Secretary

Lim Yu Han

Engineering Club | Secretary of Student Affairs

Lee Yew Boon

Law Club | Vice-President

Hargaven Singh Gill

Medical Club | Vice-President

Thaddaeus Tan Jun Kiat

Medical Club | Honorary General Secretary

Glen Anthony Ooi

Cultural Activities Club | Vice President (Special Projects)

Tan Jie Yin

Cultural Activities Club | Vice President (Internal)

Chong Wei Ling

Cultural Activities Club | Honorary General Secretary

Joscelin Ong Jia Xin

Community Service Club | Vice President (Special Projects)

Ang Shi Min Charmaine

Community Service Club | Vice President (Regular Volunteering Programmes)

Elston Foo Sheng Kai

Political Association | Vice President (Projects)

Shen Yunni

Political Association | Vice President (Engagement)

Benjamin Lem Han Wei

Political Association | Honorary Financial Secretary