39th NUSSU Council

The National University of Singapore Students' Union (NUSSU) Council is the highest student legislative body in the NUS. The Council comprises of elected full-time undergraduate student representatives who are either members of the NUSSU Executive Committee (EXCO), student leaders holding leadership appointments from the 14 NUSSU Constituent Club Management Committees – 10 Faculty and 4 non-Faculty Clubs -, or 8 Associate Bodies - 6 Hall Junior Common Room Committees and 2 Residential College Student Committees. The Presidents of all Constituent Clubs and Associate Bodies are de-facto members of the NUSSU Council.

NUSSU Council meetings are open to all Union members and the Council frequently convenes to discuss and debate over policies, initiatives and projects to ensure that they are congruent with the Union’s constitutional objectives – to promote, uphold and safeguard students' interests and welfare.

Foo Sheng Kai Elston

NUSSU Council, Chairperson

Lee Zi Quan Jeffrey

NUSSU Council, President

Zachary Fong WeiJie

Tembusu College , President

Zann Lim Jia Hui

Kent Ridge Hall , President

Pang Wei Han

Raffles Hall , President

Low Josef JR

Sheares Hall , President

Nathania Chua Jia Qi

College Of Alice & Peter Tan , President

Shannon Tan

Business Club, President

Joel Lim Hee Heng

Computing Club, President

Tan Wei Tao

Science Club, President

Jeremy Chew Xuan Yu

Engineering Club, President

Yang Sheng

Eusoff Hall , President

Bryan Ong

Cultural Activities Club, President

Raymond Thien

Arts & Social Sciences Club, President

Melissa Chua

Medical Club , President

Lim Jun Heng

Law Club , President

Sia Xin Rang Sophronia

Design & Environment Club, President

Tham Jun Han

University Scholars Club, President

Shermin Chia

Sports Club, President

Lee Jing Hua

Dental Club , President

Joscelin Ong Jia Xin

Community Service Club, President

Ngo Xian Zhi

King Edward VII Hall , President

Yeo Jun Jie

Business Club, Vice President (Internal)

Kevin Darmawan

Business Club, Vice President (External)

Clemon Ho

Business Club, Vice President (Student Life)

Amanda Tan Qian Ling

Computing Club, Vice President (Internal)

Elysia Tan Ziyi

Computing Club, Vice President (Student Development)

Sim Teng Kuan Joel

Computing Club, Vice President (Student Life)

Xavier Chan

Science Club

Lo Ka Chun Marcus

Engineering Club, Vice President (Internal)

Lester Foo Shi En

Engineering Club, Vice President (External)

Samantha Chang Shi Min

Engineering Club, Vice President (Student Life)

Xiong Chengjie

Community Service Club, Vice President (Regular Programmes)

Fennie Wong

Community Service Club, Vice President (Special Projects)

Cassandra Yeo

Cultural Activities Club, Vice President (Internal)

Chan Wei Jun Sean

Political Association, Honorary General Secretary

Peh Zhi Rui

Political Association, Honorary Finance Secretary

Wang Ziyi

Arts & Social Sciences Club, Vice President

Soo Guo Sheng

Law Club, Vice President

Raelyn Lee Yi Ling

Design and Environment Club, Vice President (External)

Ng Li Ying

Political Association, Vice-President

 Jeremy JEE De Sheng

University Scholars Club, Honorary General Secretary

Seah Hui Rong Sebastian

Sports Club, General Secretary

Ng Ling Ying Vernice

Sports Club, Vice President (Internal)

Ho Shi Xuan Sherrilyn

Sports Club, Vice President (External)

Caitlin Celestine Fernandez

Political Association

Yu Shibin

Sports Club

Edwin Tung Keng Wee

Sports Club

Brent SEAH

Community Service Club

Chotiga Tiwanna

Arts & Social Sciences Club

Tai Pei Lin, Rena

Arts & Social Sciences Club

Lee Boon Hui, Desmond

Business Club

Ivan Fenzely Yang Shao Yi

Engineering Club

Kaung Mon Thu

Engineering Club

Khow Yong Zhi

Medical Club

Hakeem B Zuhairi

Science Club

Ng Jun Ting Shirley

Community Service Club

Jacob LI PengCheng

Cultural Activities Club

Ang Li Qing

Cultural Activities Club